Understated but not Boring

They say understated is nothing BUT boring. Then I say, Hell No! I feel understated style is not just about the clothes you wear. It’s about how you wear the clothes, the way in which you carry yourself. It’s deceivingly simple and not something you can buy.img1441640866724[1]img1441641223778[1]img1441640923026[1]
It can’t be much simpler. White semi see-through tee, distressed denim and a pair of blue ballet flats. Love the simplicity, it’s just easy! A street style denim look for everyday will give you that effortlessly stylish chic outfit!

img1441640805267[1]The hit ripped/distressed denim style back on the 90’s faded like a bleach bath. But now it’s back with vengeance, and it’s all about style.

Grab on your unused or fave denim and cut open the knee holes.
Yes! It’s just easy. :p

My DIY ripped denim.

Denim from Cotton on
White V top by Sutiem Fashion
Ballet flats from Rubi

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An Expat. A Filipina. Living a colourful life in Singapore. Nurse by Day, Blogger by Night. A high-spirited young woman who always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. Join her as she write about her travel tips & stories, thoughts on frugality for fashion & beauty and bold personal reviews of all sorts.

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